Levan and Lil'ed.

"Blues Sur Seine" festival.(France.2000)



With Robin Ford.(Mount Baker Blues festival.USA.2003)

With Dave Hole.(Mount Baker Blues festival.USA.2003)



Cousins with mr.Lloyd Peterson- the president of Mount Baker Blues Festival.(Washington.USA.2003)

With Legendary Bob Margolin.

With the Ford Brothers.

With the Legends of the blues: Bob Margolin and Hubert Sumlin.

With Nicole Fournier.(Rock Cut Blues Festival.USA.2003)

Gig at Wild Buffalo.

Slava at "About the Music Club"(Seattle.2003)

Levan & Slava with Nicole(Rock Cut Blues Fest.2003)

Mr. Bill Holmes - the president of Rock Cut Blues Festival.

Cousins with John Millner and his Beautiful wife, Barbara.


Levan with Piotr Podgorodetsky.

Levan & Sergey Manukian.(Moscow.2001)

Levan with The legendary "Credence".(Joint gig.2002)

With Chuck Rogester.(2001)

With Andrey Makarevich.

With Sergey Voronov.

With Boris Bulkin.

With Nikolay Arutunov. (Moscow.2002)

With mr.John Millner- the Blues Cousin's US tour maneger.

With great Hubert Sumlin.

With Gypsy Lou - the great guitarist and good friend.

Blues Cousins in Seattle.

Levan at Baker Blues Festival

Blues Cousins with Blues Mom.

Sergey at Mount Baker Blues Festival.


Jeff "Budda" Hayes - Great drummer,songwriter and good friend.

Cousins with Bill Holmes and his fantastic family.

Madona(Levan's wife), Slava & Levan in Gaswork Park.


Cousins with great Catfish Kaith.(Paris.2000)

Levan & Igor Butman (Moscow.2001)

Levan with Aleksey "White" Belov.

Levan with Petrovich.


With Kontantin Nikolsky.

Levan Lomidze.

Jamming with mr.Bratetsky.(Vladimir.2001)

Blues Cousins at Wild Buffalo.( Bellingham.Wa.2003)